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LanguageLinc provides 24/7 interpretation services. If you have an immediate need for interpretation services, call 402-473-2940.


LanguageLinc is a pool of highly trained interpreters providing service in Nebraska and neighboring states. Interpreters receive specialized training in medical, legal, and law enforcement settings. LanguageLinc Translators receive training in translation techniques of written material. LanguageLinc Interpreters undergo language and terminology assessments after completion of training. LanguageLinc LLC believes effective interpretation is key not only to facilitating newcomer access to services but encourages and promotes the full participation of newcomers in their communities as quickly as possible. Interpretation services of the highest quality are, therefore, essential to effective communication between agency and resident, service provider and client, and private business and customer.


LanguageLinc LLC Interpreters are bound by the National Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice so adopted by LanguageLinc LLC to provide reliable 24 hour, 365-day on-site, video and over-the-phone interpretation service. LanguageLinc LLC Interpreters help you reach out to your patients, customers, and clients in their own language.

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